the print guide

So you've just received your online gallery.. what next?!

It can sometimes be super overwhelming thinking about what to do with your photos - after all you’ve got a pretty large gallery full of them.

Keep reading below to have a look at all the different options I can help with.  

The gallery attached print shop

Once your gallery is delivered you will have a 'print shop' linked to your gallery, just click the little cart icon or print store button to head over and view all the different options available.

There are heaps of options such as prints, framed prints and canvases to name a few. 

Please do not hesitate to ask if you’ve got any questions to do with this. It’s a great little program and will even show you an example of what your product will look like with your chosen image/s. 

These products are sent directly from the print lab to you. They are an incredible lab and I completely trust the quality of their amazing products arriving at your door - but if you ever have a concern with a print product not meeting your expectations, please do let me know. 


from $2.00


from $100.00


from $108.90


The other big option (and my personal favourite) is albums!! 

Albums are fantastic. As they are not only beautiful, but they can be made in a way to tell the full story of your day - right from getting ready right until the sparkler exit at the end of the night. 

They can also tell the story of your family. Maybe you are thinking of putting an album together from your 'First Year' Package or even an extended family session.

You can keep them on your coffee table or in a bookshelf, and when you flip through the pages you’re transported back to all those special memories.


After your gallery is delivered, and if an album is included in your package or you think you’d like to add one on, - I’ll get you to make a ‘favourites list’. To do this click little love heart icon and title it 'ALBUM'. Add approximately 100 favourite photos that cover a peek into your whole gallery. I will then take those photos and design your album and then we work together to finalise it and make sure it’s exactly what you want. 

You will get to see a final draft/digital flip through before it’s ordered. Albums take a few weeks in production once ordered and then once they arrive to me I will then deliver the album it to you. 



(Included in Max Wedding + Elopement 2 packages).

A stunning 20.3 x 20.3cm linen cover album. Thick board (1.15-1.25mm) pages with vibrant 6 colour printing. There are seven beautiful linen colour choices to choose from for the cover.

These are absolutely incredible and definitely worth the price - the beautiful pages holding your special memories for years to come.

Prices starts from $495 for a 24 page album, each additional spread (double page) $45

(max 36 pages per album)


A beautiful alternative if you’re not wanting to spend quite as much. 

A stunning 20 x 20cm linen cover album. With thick flat-lay pages.

Eighteen linen cover colour choices.

A fantastic and affordable album - these are also great as gifts.

Pricing starts at $125 for a 24 page album, each additional spread (double page) $25

(max 36 pages per album)

Session ADD ONS


A beautiful wooden box with personalised lid. With ten photographers choice 4x6 prints included. This is a complimentary gift with all Weddings and Elopement packages, The First Year, Bump + Baby and the Studio Bundle 3 package.



A decorative wooden and acrylic USB filled with the images from your session.

Included in all wedding and elopement packages.


Thank you + ANNOUNCEMENT cards

After your big day or birth of your little one you might be wanting to reach out to those who have celebrated with you.

A thank you card, including an image or two from your gallery, and a simple thank you message might be just what you’re after.

Thank you + Announcement card packages:

$50 for 25 cards

$80 for 50 cards

$100 for 100 cards

Other Print iTEMS

There are so many cool ways out there to display images in your home- I’ve personally become a big fan of wooden blocks. There are also wall decals, acrylic blocks and even things like puzzles or playing cards.

I don’t currently offer these through my print shop, but I can certainly point you in the right direction.

one last note on printing images

In regards to printing elsewhere; there are some other really great places and easy to print at places out there such as Camera House (in store or online) or print/camera specific shops which you may have in your town. 

My biggest tip is to try and avoid anywhere that also sells non-camera related items  (eg. Kmart/Big W/Office Works) or some of the super affordable websites. 

I know I know... the prices are super tempting and sometimes you luck out, but often you’ll be left with photos that have really different colourings (almost like a filter has been applied) or the quality is just not there. This can be incredibly disappointing to see/receive if you are not expecting it.

These places can be great however, if you’re wanting photos perhaps for children to handle and look at.

Once again if you have any questions at all with this guide please reach out - I am more than happy to help and it's truely one of my greatest pleasures to see your photos printed displayed in your homes.

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”