Date night with rose and jake.

These two love birds have been in a long distance relationship for while now, so when they catch up they make sure they make it super special!

Rose had been after some couple photos for a while and finally the time came when we got a chance to take some.

She was after something really fun, a bit different, and something they could make a bit of a date night out of.

So at golden hour, in a super cool location, we brought out all the fun things we could fit in; champagne, sparklers, flowers and a SUPER extra outfit.

So if you're after something different for date night, why not a photo shoot?! Put on a fun outfit and let's capture it!

Flowers: Vogue Nature - Bendigo

Pink Dress: Misguided

Cream Dress: Opia

Earrings: John and Luna

Location: Heathcote, Victoria